Monday, November 5, 2012

Netflix Movie Monday

Saving Silverman is one of my favorite movies of all-time. Nine out of ten of you will absolutely hate it, but it's a movie I've seen tons of times and never get tired of it.  I saw it for the first time in college and have loved it ever since. It has some pretty famous actors: Jack Black, Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn and even Neil Diamond.

In the movie, Darren (Jason Biggs), Wayne (Steve Zahn) and J.D. (Jack Black) have been best friends since elementary school.  They share a strong manlove for Neil Diamond and even formed their own tribute band, Diamonds in the Rough.  Darren thinks he is moving onto greener pastures and falls for a psycho, controlling therapist.  Like a lot of women can be (except for my wife), she wants to separate him from his old life and mold him into who she wants him to be.

Wayne and J.D. do everything they can do try and get Judith (Darren's girlfriend) to break up with Darren but when that doesn't work, they formulate the perfect plan: kidnap Judith and track down Darren's old high school love, who is in training to be a nun (is that called training), to try and have them fall in love, so he will ditch Judith.

Since I hate spoilers, I'll let you watch the movie to see the rest.  And since nine out of ten of you will hate it, I only want to hear from the ones that appreciate the theatrical masterpiece that it is.

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