Monday, October 1, 2012

September 24th-30th

Monday: 4.6 miles (6:45); 5.6 miles (6:59)

Tuesday: 7 miles (6:40); 8 miles (7:09)

Wednesday: 5.6 miles (6:56); 6.1 miles with 3.1 miles barefoot

Thursday: 5 miles (6:58); 3.8 miles with 1.2 miles barefoot

Friday: .5 miles (7:49).  Back was insanely tight and painful; .04 miles Holy crap, my back was hurting

Saturday: 6.8 miles (7:31); .1 miles. Back strikes again

Sunday: 7.5 miles (6:37); 4 miles (7:01)

Week Total= 64.7 miles. Originally, I was hoping to be in the 80s.  My achilles had its good days and bad days.  I added some barefoot running in order to stretch and strenghthen it but the second day in a row of it made it flare up pretty badly. I don't know what happened with my back.  It would completely lock-up and hurt really badly.  I can limp through some miles but I couldn't run with that.  If I can get in the 80s with a moderate run or two, I'll sign up for CIM (as long as the flight is refundable).  If I can't do CIM, who knows?

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