Monday, October 29, 2012

Netflix Movie Monday

When browsing through the Netflix selection, I came upon an old-school movie that I haven't seen since my college days.  My movie preferences are all across the board but I always enjoy a good action movie.  After seeing Equilibrium for the first time, it became one of my all-time favorites (well, at least in the top 25).

The movie takes place in the future where the people live under a totalitarian regime (which is how 99% of movies portray the future).  The government makes all forms of "feeling" illegal, which includes art, books, movies, etc. and controls the population with a drug (sounds like modern day antidepressants).  People who show emotional displays get taken care of by the police, which John Preston, the main character, is a part of.  One day, John Preston (skinny Christian Bale, opposed to manorexic Christian Bale or buffed out Christian Bale)  decides to stop taking his medicine, fight against the government and then things get crazy.

The movie has a decent plot and has a lot of good action/fighting scenes.  Maybe you could look at is as a sci-fi loosely associated spinoff of The Giver.  So after enjoying some art, books and music, check out this movie.

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