Monday, October 15, 2012

October 8-14 Training

Monday: 4.4 miles (6:37); Also got some Graston treatment.  The lateral side of my heel was hurting a ton. Very sharp, stabbing pain.

Tuesday: 4 miles; 6 miles

Wednesday: 4.6 miles (6:47); 4.5 miles (7:11)

Thursday: 3.4 miles (6:49); 7.5 miles (6:34)

Friday: 3.7 miles (6:59); 4.9 miles (7:27); Got some more Graston today.  Didn't really hurt at all   

Saturday: 8.3 miles with 10k race.  I did 2.1 miles warm-up and then the 10k.  My time was 34 something but I feel like the course was short because it seemed like I was running over 6:00 pace the second half.  Took it very easy and won by a little over eight minutes. No achilles/heel pain

Sunday: 8 miles (7:02)

Week Total= 59.3 miles.  Achilles/heel is much better this week.  The last time I felt some pain was the last couple of miles on my 2nd run Tuesday.  I don't know how things turned around so quickly? Graston? Night splint? Cissus supplement?  The plan is now to spend a few weeks slowly adding some hard workouts and hopefully be in my pre-injury shape in about six weeks.  I signed up for the Houston Marathon, so right now, I have my sights set on that one.

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  1. Nice to run 34 mins for a 10K and win by over a mile!

    Houston seems like a good choice - will give you time to get healed up, put in a true buildup w/out rushing it... and who knows, maybe the OTQ window will be open by then!