Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 9th-15th Training

Monday: 8.6 miles (6:23). The lower/middle of my hamstring was insanely tight a few miles in.  Was going to do some strides but thought it would be too much on the leg. Things got a little better at the end until my hamstring revolted while running down a hill with .4 miles to go.  Walk of shame back to the school

Tuesday: No running. Got a massage and on a bright note, I found a new good masseuse. She put a whooping on me and said the inside of my hamstring felt really inflamed.

Wednesday: .2 miles (7:54). Knew it wasn't going to happen.

Thursday: No running

Friday: 2 miles (7:27). I thought I'd be good for a few but the hammy still really hurts.

Saturday: 2 miles. I was going to do the Hot Chocolate 5k but after trying some strides, I knew it was going to be a bad idea, especially since there's a huge climb, followed by a downhill in the last mile.  I knew the running gods were telling me not to run because I couldn't find my watch, phone or running hat (it was 20 degrees, so I had to settle for my Batman hat with one of those puffy balls on top).

Sunday: No running. 

Week Total: 12.8 miles. Terribly frustrating week.  Things were going super well, I was transitioning over to some fast workouts and I was feeling like a million bucks.  I was thinking this would be a short term thing but it doesn't appear to be getting any better.  I was going to race the Mercedes Half-Marathon next weekend but I doubt that will happen.  I also have another 2-3 important races in March that may not happen now.  Hopefully I can resume training by the end of next week.


  1. A few years ago I sustained a pretty bad hip flexor injury at the cedars half marathon. It was one if those things where the race was fine then the next day it was hurting a bit in my run then it progressed until I was totally out of commission despite cutting running to nearly zero. I ultimately attributed it to running hard on the significant downhill finish while already fatigued. Like you, I rarely get injured so the coincidence kind of struck me. Hope you recover fast.

  2. Scott, Tough break with the leg.....
    Big fan! I've been following your training blog for a few months now...I've even borrowed a couple of workouts....I modified them (or course), for my level (2:59.09).
    Seeking an opinion: racing PGH on 5/3, so I am just about to go into the specific phase. I have been building volume over the last three months, Max 76, but average about 72, with two WO's a week. Tempo type intervals on Wed, and another session on Sun with a long run in there between 17-20. Target is 6:40 pace (or 2:55).
    I have a 20 mile race this Saturday (Choice of 10, 15 and 20, actually), and my question should I work it? Course is 5 mile loops around a lake. It is a balance of some rolling hills. Should run the 15 at MP? Not sure that I am ready for that, plus that would wreak the training schedule....maybe the first loop at current PR pace (6:50), second at planning MP (6:40)....

    I have no idea what would be best. 47, so I do need longer recovery between WO's and races...I still have 10weeks until my target race. Any insight, would be great. Good luck with the leg...:/ Thanks!

  3. I blame the Kenyan for showing up, Doc! There's a lot of ups-and-downs on that course, so your legs are constantly getting stressed and a little banged up.

    The Pittsburgh Marathon is supposed to be a really good race. If it were a week later, I'd run the half there. Since you're about to start some marathon specific stuff and are still a couple of months out, I think it'd be good to test the waters a little bit, especially since your route sounds like it's somewhat similar to the rolling Pittsburgh course. Obviously, you'll ease into the marathon workouts but stepping into the deep end a little bit to see where you are and what you need to work on can be a good thing.

    Everyone is different but I think you have a few different options. The first is to race the 10 mile flat out. Your body is probably familiar with the speed stuff now and since it's a 5k short of a half-marathon, you may recover a little more quickly and may be able to do another quality session 5-7 days later. And since you'll run 20-25ish seconds faster than MP, the hills will become tougher, which may give you a better read on where you are with them.

    You could also do 15 or 20 miler and run it as a progression run, working from a normal/moderate pace to MP or a little faster by the end. It won't be as hard on your body as the 10 miler and you'll get a small exposure of marathon effort.

    And the last option would be to run the 20 miler but at a steady effort...maybe something like working from a little over 30s a mile slower than MP and getting with 20s or so. It's a great marathon workout and gives you somewhat of a feel for the marathon effort, without stressing your body too much.

    If you've been doing nothing but training, maybe racing the 10 miler would be best.

    If you've been doing a lot of speed stuff and want a smooth transition to marathon-type stuff, maybe the progression run would be best.

    If you feel pretty confident in your gas tank and you've gotten in some good long runs, maybe the steady 20-miler would be good.

    I hate leaving it so open-ended but it really depends on where you physically and mentally are with your training.