Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 2nd-8th Training

Monday: 9.7 miles with 6xstrides (6:24); 7.5 miles (7:10)

Tuesday: 7.5 miles (7:04); 9.1 miles with 12x400m with 90s jog rest. Kind of a random workout...originally, I was going to do 12x60s on with 90s off as a fartlek during lunch.  But my co-teacher was absent, so I helped out the sub during my expected planning period. I then was going to do the workout in the afternoon and since I had more time, I was going to run 10x2:00 on/off at a progressive effort.  But when I was peeing in the woods right before my workout, I thought, "you know, let me see if the track is open".  It was, so I was going to do 6x800m at 2:20 instead. But at the end of my first 400, I thought 400s sounded better to me. So the plan was now 12ishx400m in 70 with 200m jog, plus a little walking rest to take up 90s.  I ended up running 13:30 for my total time (don't feel like doing the math).  It probably would have been a little bit faster because on the first few, I would run in lane 1 and have to go to lane three around the second half of a turn because of standing water.  I then realized I was being dumb and could run my "odd" intervals entirely in lane three and on the evens, I could start at the lane three 200m marker and then cut over later on. I expected to die more quickly than I did and I was able to hang on once some fatigue crept in.  I was able to close out the last few in 65-66 and with my highly unscientific formula, I feel like I am in at least 14:30-14:40 shape, which isn't too bad for right now.

Wednesday: 9 miles (7:09); 7.5 miles (7:24)

Thursday: 11 miles (6:11); 7.5 miles (7:30)

Friday: 9 miles (6:28); .2 miles (7:53). Long day and a long week.  Started when it was almost pitch black before deciding that running was stupid, so I turned around and ordered pizza.

Saturday: 17.9 miles with half-marathon in 70:27.  Ran with my man, Connor Kamm.  The plan was a progression but a Kenyan showed up.  We dropped the Kenyan a little over halfway through and kept up the pace until 10 miles before slowly backing off.  Felt good on a tough course.

Sunday: 9.5 miles (7:08); 6.3 miles (7:37)

Week Total: 115.8 miles.  One good workout and a controlled effort that I didn't think would be controlled.  This old man is starting to get senile mean!

I was impressed to see Chris Derrick dominate cross country again.  I expected him to win but since Ritz has always been my favorite pro runner, I was hoping he would pull it out.  And I'm also expecting there to be some Kenyans in the next edition of G.I. Joe action figures.


  1. I'm sure Marines, Air Force and Navy runners are giving us crap because none of our Army runners are American-born.

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Dan Brown seemed to be a guy who was totally committed to the military and his running was a "side effect" rather than joining it for the perks. But who really knows what one's motives are? But then again, I guess it's no different than colleges stocking up on super talented athletes.