Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 16th-22nd Training

Monday: No running. Does sledding down my driveway count as cross training?

Tuesday: 1.3 miles (7:47). Hamstring tendon was super tight and was only getting progressively worse.

Wednesday: Day Off. 

Thursday: 3.1 miles (7:23). Started out the same as last time but it wasn't getting progressively worse.  At around three miles, the hamstring muscle itself completely revolted and it became pretty painful.  I also had to walk the last 1/3 of a mile home in 10 degree weather.

Friday: No running. Saw Dr. Kindred so I could get my hamstring looked at on the ultrasound.  He said it was a strain in the muscle, which caused some tendinitis near the insertion. Got a massage and the guy really worked on my hamstring.  He also really needed to cut his nails.

Saturday: No running.

Sunday: 4.5 miles (7:10)

Week Total: 8.9 miles. Lowest mileage week in forever. Well, I did only run 3.7 miles the first week of last May.  Most of this past week, I felt like this was going to linger around for quite some time, and potentially end my spring campaign but I now feel like it's getting a little bit better. Hopefully I can start some consistent jogging towards the end of the week.


  1. I ordered some bromelain and SuperCissus which supposedly help with inflammation and tendon issues, and also got some Gua Sha tools in the mail for my poor man's Graston/ASYTM. Hopefully one of them works!

  2. Unfortunately there is no evidence that the supplements will help. What matters most is whether it is the muscle or the tendon that is injured. Because of large differences in blood supply, muscle injury will heal within weeks but tendon injury may take months. You probably have considerably faster than average recovery as your body is already geared up to heal the damage that high milage training induces. Were you able to discern whether it is muscle or tendon? Can be tough to know sometimes due to the close proximity.

  3. Come on, my bros on all the message boards would never lie to me! I figure I would try a bunch of crap in-case one of them worked.

    The injury has been kind of weird. It was on the tendon and partially the muscle and now it's mostly on the muscle. It's also tender in a couple different areas, in a straight-line.

    I somewhat believe it's related to a nerve issue, which causes the muscle to flare up around it. A couple of years ago when I had a bum achilles, the week before the actual achilles hurt, I had a lot of back pain on that side and occasionally, my leg would buckle when I would start running.

    Regardless, I hope it goes away soon!