Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 5th-11th Training

Monday: 9 miles (6:18); 6.3 miles (7:06)

Tuesday: 7.5 miles (7:02); 9.5 miles (6:32)

Wednesday: 8.7 miles (7:15); 8.3 miles (7:03). -13 windchill and it's the South. I was going to do strides today but that wasn't happening.

Thursday: 7.9 miles (7:13); 10.1 miles with 8xfootball field strides and 8x400m with 400m jog. 10 degree windchill and really windy. I was going to man up and run this on a down-and-back (headwind down, tailwind back) but the track was open, so I did them there.  Other than an outlier 72, I ran them all in 70 point for a 70.8 average. Goal was to run around that and I ran by effort.  I can tell I'm very, very rusty and it felt like I was driving in sixth gear, but needed to be in fourth. Not a bad start, I guess.

Friday: 10.1 miles (6:10); 7 miles (7:13)

Saturday: 9.8 miles (7:21). Ran this route about 40s slower than usual but my body felt like I just needed to shuffle my legs...have some achiness from the 400s and the mileage boost; 6.1 miles with 4x20ish second strides (7:19)

Sunday: 13.4 miles with axed workout (plan was 3x3.95ish loop at 6:20, 5:55, 5:30 pace). Ran a 3.9 mile warm-up, where I crawled through at just under 7:30 pace.  My legs felt incredibly lazy and I was glad the workout was going to be a progression type because my legs did not feel like they would be able to run 6:00 off the bat. The pace felt really easy on the first loop, even though my legs didn't have any pop to them.  As soon as I started the second loop, I knew I wouldn't be able to run a third loop unless I ran my butt off. Struggled a tiny bit on the hills on round two but felt good at the end.  I never like ending workouts early but I knew it would be too much, especially after bumping the volume as well as the intensity the past two weeks. Normally I hate changing workouts but it was an issue of doing what's best rather than sticking to a firm plan 6.9 miles (7:29); Ran this 1.5 hours after I was in a dead-to-the-world kind of nap and even though I had a strong cup of coffee before running, I felt half-asleep the entire run and could easily have fallen asleep on the side of the road if I wanted.

Week Total: 120.6 miles  Even though Sunday didn't go well, I'm happy with the week overall.  My motivation has been much higher than it has been and I haven't been looking for excuses to skip runs.  My iron is also looking good, compared to when I got it tested a month ago. I've been sleeping like a rock this week, so hopefully my body will start to absorb all of this work soon.

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