Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December 29th-January 4th Training

Monday: 11.5 miles with bombed workout. Plan was to run the first six miles or at a normal effort and then 10x90s on/off at 5:05/6:00 pace. Knocked out the first one ok at 4:50/5:59.  Second one things got slower with a 5:10, so I decided to just jog on the recovery and speed up to sub 5:00.  Barely snuck under on the next three and after running 5:19 pace on the next one even though I was struggling, I decided to jog it in.  I tried to be tough but it felt almost like a sprint.  Granted it was into a headwind but struggling that badly during that type of workout shouldn't happen; 6.3 miles (7:06)

Tuesday: 10.7 miles (6:46); 7.5 miles (7:41)

Wednesday: 9.5 miles (6:39); 6.9 miles (7:21)

Thursday: 11.5 miles with 10k race in 34:45. Course was really rough with over 841 feet of elevation gain with constant little rollers.  I planned to do a tempo effort at 5:15ish effort but after two miles, I gave up that idea because I was struggling.  Slowed it down a good bit and kept it a moderate effort.  With the past two crappy sessions, I wonder if my iron has climbed at all.; 6.1 miles (7:20ish)

Friday: 5.4 miles (7:28); 9.6 miles (6:41)

Saturday: 10.2 miles (6:55)

Sunday: 20 miles (6:18). 15mph winds didn't make this too fun.  Sped up quite a bit the second half and was running lower 6:00s even though it was into a headwind.  Hip flexors were getting worn out and I was pretty tired at the end.  Still, a good run, regardless.

Week Total: 115.2 miles. Second biggest week in 2014 (even though some of it wasn't). I was going to get over 120 but skipped a run on Saturday because I haven't gone over 100 in a few weeks.  Two crappy sessions but I'm happy with the volume. I don't have a real race planned until the end of February, so I have plenty of time.  And if my iron is still pretty low, I'll just pretend like it's altitude training.

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