Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 12th-18th Training

Monday: 6.2 miles (6:26); 10.1 miles (6:54)

Tuesday: 9.7 miles (6:28);  7.8 miles with 4x10s hill sprints (7:17)

Wednesday: 10.2 miles with 9 mile moderate progression (5:58). Goal was three miles at 19:00, 17:45, 16:30.  Ran 18:43 (6:13, 6:17, 6:13), 17:34 (5:54, 5:50, 5:50), 16:15 (5:29, 5:30, 5:16). First was super easy, second was still decently easy and the third was a little sluggish but I pushed some the last 1/2 mile.  But it feels more like rustiness rather than being in really bad shape. Like it's a neuromuscular issue rather than a fitness one. My right quad felt really heavy on the cooldown jog, which is probably the result of running into a trash can container on my run yesterday.  I nailed it right on my hip flexor, which is blue and purple. And it wasn't one of those normal, sissy trash-cans, but one of those stationary containers made of American-forged iron and I ran right into the top "ring" part.; 1.3 miles (7:49). Leg was killing me.

Thursday: 8.3 miles (7:17).  I was planning on about 10 with 4.5 miles out-and-back with a mile long extension.  My right hamstring was absolutely killing me, which is probably a result of me unknowingly changing my form the past few runs after the trash can incident, which took some stress of hip flexor and having the hammy take over. I struggled up the big hill before the turnaround and struggled more on the way down.  After that, my hip flexor was killing me and I gimped-jogged a few miles to someone's house that I knew so I could get a ride back to school.  The last time I needed a ride back to school was my first year of teaching when I attempted to make a four mile loop but I somehow missed the turn that was less than a mile into the run and I ended up running over five miles to the end of a road (didn't have a GPS). I then took a left and knew I was super lost.  Luckily I saw someone in a random garage and it turned out their cousin or someone worked in the cafeteria and they gave me a ride back to school.

Friday: No running. Took the day off to be safe.  I hate missing mileage for stupid stuff.

Saturday: 11.4 miles (7:07). I was going to run again but my leg was really stiff and swollen a few inches below my bruise.

Sunday: 20 miles (6:17). Motivated to get out the door after watching the US Half-Marathon Championships.  Diego Estrada was an animal, Jared Ward ran really well and I was happy to see Sean Keveren run sub 63 in his first half-marathon. Former Nashvillian, Brock Baker, also had a huge PR and ran under the qualifier and Brandon York, who I rabbitted at Indy Monumental also had a huge PR and qualified as well....great day for distance running. Felt good on my run but my leg is still a little bit swollen.

Week Total: 85 miles. I was hoping for 125ish until the trash can assault.  But maybe I needed the rest because I was getting a little worn-down. This week, I'll make up for it with some decent volume.

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