Friday, December 19, 2014

December 8th-14th Training

Monday: No running. Stayed home sick

Tuesday: 5.3 miles (6:56)

Wednesday: No running. Didn't feel good.

Thursday: 8 miles (6:41); 7 miles (7:08)

Friday: 9 miles (6:42); 6.8 miles (7:15)

Saturday: 9.8 miles (6:33); 5.4 miles with strides (7:12)

Sunday: 4.3 miles (7:01). Was planning on 20 but was feeling really tired and winded.  Maybe the past three days of mileage after the sickness wore me out or something.

Week Total: 55.6 miles.  Hopefully my last week under 100 miles for a very long time, but that's starting to sound like a broken record.  I found out my iron is low, so instead of jumping into a speedwork phase, I'll extend my base.  I notice low iron the most during hard intensities, so trying speedwork now would be disastrous. I'm making a good training plan for the spring and will post it soon.

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