Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 17th-23rd Training

Monday: 9.7 miles (6:42); 6.3 miles (7:44)

Tuesday: 8.2 miles (7:29); 8.5 miles with strides (6:42)

Wednesday: No running. Started coming down with something…headache, congestion, super-worn out

Thursday: 8.4 miles (6:32); 7 miles (7:08)

Friday: No running. Same stuff as Wednesday but worse and I also lost my voice.  Took a nap and then slept for 11 hours.

Saturday: 17 miles (6:52) +1 mile at the cross country meet (I'm counting that crap). Ran the 11.2+5.8 loops with Brock Baker.  Those loops are insanely hilly and probably Max King approved.  Felt pretty drained and then felt like death afterwards.

Sunday: .8 miles (7:30)

Week Total: 66.9 miles. Was shooting for 115+ but the sickness came for me.  My throat started getting really sore in California, so the travel wore me out or something.  Everyone at work is catching it, so I'm not too much of a sissy.

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