Monday, June 23, 2014

June 16th-22nd Training

Monday: 6.8 miles (6:52); 5.5 miles (7:00)

Tuesday: 10.6 miles (6:37); 5.4 miles (7:00ish)

Wednesday: 9.3 miles (6:55); 5.7 miles (7:13)

Thursday: 9 miles (6:56); 5 miles (7:20)

Friday: 9.1 miles (6:46); 3.4 miles (7:19)

Saturday: 7 miles (6:56); 5.3 miles (7:19)

Sunday: 15.1 miles (6:29).  Just wanted to run sub 6:30 pace and was happy to finally completely a long run for once.  I hit 6:30 average pace at around eight miles and was rolling sub 6:20s at that point.  But I slowed down for a few miles before the long two mile descent. I wasn't happy with the slowdown but after seeing I lost almost eight pounds of sweat, I didn't mind as much.  It was already over 80 degrees when I finished with a dewpoint of 71.  I hate summers here.  I also saw a disgusting roadkill...a dead opossum with a lot of tiny, hairless babies, who didn't survive.  Even though I may give off the impression of being a manly, rugged Tennessean, I've always had a soft spot for animals.  I'm even the self-designated mouse person at my school, which means anytime someone gets a mouse caught in one of those evil glue traps, I take it to the woods and pour some oil on it so it can get free. But back to running...this was my first 100 mile week in almost four months, which is a long time.  This week I may boost up the miles a little bit more as this is probably my last pure easy running week.

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