Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 27th- June 2nd Training

Monday: 13 miles with 10k race. Goal was to keep the race around half-marathon effort and run just under 31:00.  Ended up running 30:26 with about a 10 second wrong turn.  Garmin said 6.32 miles, so I'll take it as a legit 10k.  Started out a little too fast and made myself slow down a little bit.  Ran the exact effort I wanted, which hopefully bodes well for my half-marathon fitness 5.4 miles (7:22)

Tuesday: 8.7 miles (7:10); 7 miles (7:07)

Wednesday: 5.4 miles (7:25); No afternoon run because I had some sickness.  My throat was killing me, I had a fever and I had body aches with alternating sweats/chills.  Hope this doesn't hang around.

Thursday: 9.6 miles (6:38); 5.4 miles (7:12)

Friday: 12.3 miles with failed workout. Goal was to run 10 hilly miles of 3:00 fast/3:00 medium on my five mile out-and-back run. I was hoping to run under 5:20 pace for the whole thing but on this run, I just run by effort.  Legs felt dead and drained on every hill and after my fourth 3:00 fast interval, I canned the workout to cover just under four miles at 5:17 average.  When I ran this workout about six weeks ago, I was about 15s ahead of my "today self" 21:00 in. On the warm-up, I thought about doing this workout on the flats and looking back, I should have. My aerobic system was pretty decent but my muscles/power weren't ready for this effort because of the virus. I felt really worn out yesterday and should have known better today; 5.5 miles (7:13)

Saturday: 10.7 miles (6:50)

Sunday: 17 miles with four mile MP effort thrown in at the end. First run in Florida and man, it was miserable.  It was already close to 80 degrees and super muggy at 7am.  I felt like absolute dog crap the first few miles and really wanted to stop but I knew another bad session would not help my fitness level.  Stopped for some water at first miles and then ran four miles the other direction.  Started feeling a little more smooth and was clicking off 6:00ish miles.  At 12, I stopped for another water break and had a 6:09 average.  For the fast miles, I would have taken anything under 5:20 pace because of the heat and ended up running 20:16 (5:09, 5:05, 5:06, 4:56). I felt strong on the fast miles but picked it up some the last mile so I could break 5:00.  Glad this run went from terrible to decent; 4.7 miles (7:03)

Week Total: 104.7 miles. Was hoping for another week around 115ish but the virus and the traveling put a dent in the volume.  I'm frustrated that I haven't had an entire "good" training week in quite some time but I feel like I'm slowly getting to where I need to be.  For the half-marathon, I just want to be at my Murray Half-Marathon fitness level.  I was there not too long ago and feel that getting back to old fitness will be easier than building fitness you never had.  I'll be in Destin, FL all this week, so hopefully I don't slack on the training.

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