Monday, June 10, 2013

Netflix Movie Monday

Well, vacation time is over so it's back to the real world. Rather than be a bum, I've set a goal to do something productive every day (cut/weedeat the front yard today, backyard tomorrow, etc.) And I guess that means I need to update this more often and add some more articles I've been planning for a while.  Anyway, I've always been an old school horror movie fan.  Maybe it's because it reminds me of my childhood because I would always watch them on cable growing up.  But I liked the simple plot, classic villain and they weren't as graphic as most horror are today.  I don't mind a good amount of blood, but I can't stand torture type horror movies like Saw, etc. Not my cup of tea.

Lately, Netflix has added Friday the 13th 3-8.  Other than Freddy, you can't name a better old school villain than Jason and the Friday the 13th Nintendo game was insanely hard as well.  And as an added bonus, all of the movies are in HD.

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