Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 11th-17th Training

Monday: No running. Fever gone, but have no mojo.

Tuesday: No running. Rinse and repeat.

Wednesday: 4.6 miles (7:40); 4.5 miles (7:18)

Thursday: 5.4 miles (7:17); 3.6 miles (8:31).  Since I had Super Squad practice right across the street, I went by and watched the high school county meet.  The boys 1600m was a great race to watch and it was the classic gas tank vs. kicker showdown.  Gas tank had about a 10m lead after the first lap, which he kept until 300m to go. The kicker caught him down the backstretch and passed with 200m to go, with about a 5m lead at the start of the homestretch.  I thought it was game over but gas tank kicked like a man possessed and passed for the win in the final few meters to win in 4:24. Splits were something like: 65, 68, 69, 62.

I was also impressed with the girl who won the 100, 200 and 400, and who SHOULD be in the 800m, or will be in college, at least.  She squeaked out wins in the former two events but smoked everyone in the 400m to win in 60.0.  She has very little power and definitely runs like a middle distance runner.  But in high school, everyone seems to run the shortest event they are good at.

Friday: 6 miles (7:14)

Saturday: 5.9 miles with SJV Wildcat 5k in 17:47. Obviously, the goal was to win so I could get my $100 and not get beat in almost my own backyard.  I ran with the leader in the 5:50ish range and left him with about a half mile to go to win by about 10 seconds.  Felt really flat.  This could have got ugly because Tommy Kauffman (64:34 half-marathon PR) ran this race and was debating a kamikaze sneak attack on me but he just ran with a friend; 5.9 miles (8:15)

Sunday: 14 miles (6:58). The plan was a very easy 20.  Spencer and I started at the normal long run pace for the first 6 or so and then I could feel a little tiredness creeping in. Once we hit 10, I knew it was going to get ugly, so I changed the route and I called it at 14.  I hated to cramp Spencer's style because I was running well over 7:00 pace towards the end.  My legs were shot and my hip flexors went on strike.  Frustrating run.; 2.1 miles (9:16). 

Week Total: 52 miles.Garbage week.  Looking at my old logs, I've been able to recover much faster than this go around after the flu. This was week two of garbage training, which is frustrating because if I never got sick, I was going to hammer for two weeks, relax a bit this week and try to run 14:30ish in a road 5k this weekend.  There's only eight weeks until the Distance Carnival and it's going to be hard to get in sub 14 shape.  Maybe I can just go for a 14:12 PR and do a time trial this fall or something.

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