Thursday, November 26, 2015

November 16th-22nd Training

Monday: 3.8 miles (9:19) and thirty minutes later, 5.5 miles (7:10)

Tuesday: 8 miles (6:59)

Wednesday: 5.6 miles (7:16)

Thursday: 5.7 miles (7:15)

Friday: 9.1 miles (6:40)

Saturday: 3 miles of random running at a cross country meet

Sunday: 26.5 miles with the Flying Monkey Marathon in 2:42. Was able to get the win but there were WAY too many hills. I seriously was seriously crawling the last 10k.  I'll finish a recap this weekend.

Week Total: 67.2 miles. I thought I would have more volume and intensity this week but I hit another lazy patch.  I better get into gear!

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