Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 27th-May 3 Training

Monday: .1 miles. Right quad was way too tight to run on; 6.3 miles (6:58)

Tuesday: 8 miles (6:52); 6.8 miles (7:15)

Wednesday: 9.7 miles (6:20); 7.1 miles with 4xhill blasts (7:09)

Thursday: 11 miles with 12x1:00 on/off at 10k pace/moderate.  
Loosely planned 16-20 of them but while it started off really easy for the first few, it started to get tough around 10.  Since I'm just coming off the marathon, I wanted to play it safe and was happy enough with the stimulus to call it at 12; 6.9 miles with 2xGambetta Leg Circuit(7:13)

Friday: 6.6 miles (7:12); 9.5 miles (6:58)

Saturday: 4.2 miles (7:13); 10.5 miles (6:24)

Sunday:  13.8 miles with 3200m, 4:00 rest, 1600m, 3:00 rest, 6x400m with 1:00 rest. Plan was to run 9:30-9:40, 4:35-4:40 and sub 67 and do around eight or so.  Spencer joined me and he'd run half of everything (2x800m, 2x400m, 6x200m).  Ended up running 9:42, 4:36, 64.4 average.  First interval felt heavy and clunky, second was better than I expected and I felt good for the first few 400s, the 5th was getting tough and I had to focus on the 6th.  Ok/slightly below average but I'm hoping I just have some lingering rustiness; 5.8 miles (7:41) 3x6 squats.

Week Total: 106.4 miles.
Ok week, considering the low mileage day on Monday.  Workouts were kind of eh, but that can be expected after a marathon.  I'm hoping for two really solid weeks of training and hopefully my fitness will start to creep up.  I originally was focused on a PR at Garry Bjroukland (sp?) but my focus is to get in solid, consistent training and see where that stacks up in seven weeks with Chicago being the big goal (if I survive the summer heat which is rapidly approaching).

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