Monday, July 21, 2014

July 14th-20th Training

Monday: 9.1 miles (6:54); 5.6 miles (7:36)

Tuesday: 8.4 miles with 6xhill blasts at 10.95 avg. (7:17); 6.7 miles (7:04)

Wednesday: 10.2 miles with 6.57 miles at 5:47 average. Goal was to work from 6:00 to 5:40 pace.  Got out a little quick and hung around 5:50s. The middle half had a tough headwind, but it gave me 15 seconds when it turned into a tailwind.  Started out feeling pretty easy but got a little tough at the end.; 6.8 miles (7:02)

Thursday: 8.6 miles (7:09); Skipped second run because the chicken I was smoking was ready about an hour ahead of schedule and I had some friends over for dinner.  The running gods punished me for skipping my run by making me step on a hot piece of charcoal in my socks, which burned a hole right through them which resulted in me throwing the shears I was holding across the backyard.

Friday: 6 miles (6:58); 1.1 miles (7:22).  Planned on a light workout but I wasn't feeling it, so after a mile, I walked home.

Saturday: 9.1 miles (7:24); 6.8 miles (7:10)

Sunday: 20 miles (6:18). Good run in some muggy weather considering I only had three sub 6:20 miles during my entire 20 miles two weeks ago.  Started rolling pretty quickly, made myself back off some and felt pretty strong even though I only had about 10 oz. of water.  Hit that rough long run spot, where you go from feeling good to having the fatigue creep in faster than you like around 18 miles.  Good confidence booster and I even chewed the same piece of gym for 20 miles, which is probably a record or something.

Week Total: 98.3 miles. Not bad volume for missing two runs.  I would have been around 115 with those in, which would have been a great week.  Hopefully something will be figured out at my hematologist appointment this week because I still haven't seen any test results from it yet.  Depending on how those look, I may jump into a race this weekend even though I'm way out of shape.

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