Sunday, January 26, 2014

Netflix Pick of the Week

On the way to Houston, I watched Captain Phillips.  It was a really good film and probably my second favorite movie of the year, behind Prisoners.  Sorry, Gravity was overrated or maybe I'm not sophisticated enough to enjoy it very much.  Or it could have been the 300lb.+ old guy sitting beside me on the airplane, who also decided he wanted to watch the soundless movie with me as well.  Pretty awkward.

But after Captain Phillips, I was on a pirate kick, so I decided to watch a pirate movie on Netflix.  I was never a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan but I would watch a movie where Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew take on Somali pirates. It would have to take place in modern times instead of in Captain Sparrow's day because if the Somali's won, they would need to be to call the insurance guy. And they would also need a phone.

But the pirate movie I saw on Netflix was "A Hijacking".  It's not an overly complicated plot.  Some pirates take over a boat, call up the CEO and try to get a lot of money.  But it's also a lot more complicated than that. There's a ton of tension throughout the movie as the pirates and crew plead with the CEO of the company to cough up the cash.  While this can't compete with Captain Phillips in budget and name recognition, it makes up for it in storytelling, sheer mental stress and if it's vice style, nail-biting.

This is probably one of the best "hidden" movies I found on Netflix.  I was really tempted to choose another cult classic 80s action flick, but that will have to wait until next week. 

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