Monday, December 23, 2013

Netflix Pick of the Week

I need to start changing this to the Netflix pick of the month since I've been so lazy with it.  I have been watching a lot of non-Netflix movies lately though.  And based off the movies I've seen the last week or two, I'll have to go with: Prisoners: A+ (a lot of plot holes but really good and the best 2013 movie I've seen so far), Kick-Ass 2: A (Good movie but not the A+ that Kick-Ass 1 was), The Wolverine: B- (too slow and boring but it has Wolverine), Man of Steel: A (not much story line, just a lot of action), Elysium: B+ (decent sci-fi flick), Despicable Me 2: B (don't hate), Fantastic Mr. Fox: A (don't hate, again), Insidious: Chapter 2: B (kinda eh, but an ok watch), Blade Runner: C (heard it was really good, but I wasn't feeling it).  So yeah, with being sick a while ago, I burned through a lot of movies.

But a good Netflix movie that I recently watched was Olympus Has fallen.  I was kind of hesitant to watch this even because it seemed like a less hyped version of White House Down and I'm not a Gerard Butler fan, but hey, it has Morgan Freeman in it, so I decided to give it a shot.  There's not a whole lot going on and it's your typical terrorist invades the White House movie.

File:Olympus Has Fallen poster.jpg

Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is the top-dog secret service agent and in charge of the President's detail. On the way to a fundraiser, a tree crashes in front of the Presidential convoy, which causes some of the cars to skid across a bridge, which results in the President's wife's death.  Banning goes into depression and isn't able to handle his job anymore, so he gets transferred to the treasury department.

Some Korean terrorists, who hope to unify both of the Korea's, invade the White House and take the President hostage. The terrorists boss, Kang Yeonsak, wants the President to pull out troops from the Korean Peninsula, so North Korea can attack,  But the President doesn't want any part of that.

While this is going on, Mike Banning leaves his office and joins the fight at the White House.  He works his way in the building and is the last "good guy" left in there.  It's up to him to save the President before North Korea and Dennis Rodman take over South Koreans.

There's not a lot of in-depth story-line, just a good popcorn movie.  I was expecting this to be a flat "C" but it was a solid "B."

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