Friday, December 6, 2013

Man Survives Underwater for Three Days

I've been really stressing the randomness of this page lately.  But even though it took place about six months ago, an article about a man being stuck underwater for 60 hours is making its rounds.  I'll link to the article but basically a tugboat sunk and three days later, rescue divers went to get the bodies and found a guy who was still alive.  He found an air pocket and was just sitting in there for a few days.

That would have absolutely terrified me since being lost at sea is one of my worst fears and I used to have recurring dreams about this.  I'm sure sitting in a pitch black, cold place for several days would have made me go insane.  But I bet the diver was even more terrified when he was down there and someone grabbed his arm, which I'm sure felt like a scene out of Event Horizon.

But I don't understand why the guy was just sitting in there, pretty much accepting death.  If your life was on the line, you don't go down without a fight, just like if someone busts in your house at night, you don't hide in the closet or under the bed.  So if any potential burglars are reading this, don't come to my house unless you're prepared!


  1. Of course YOU would swim out really fast, but other people like to go slowly! It takes me 3:22 just to run a marathon.

  2. 3:22 puts a whooping on most people. I would hope I'd swim out fast though with all of the sharks, barracudas, jellyfish, etc., etc.