Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28th-November 3rd Training

Monday: 10.2 miles (6:31); 5.6 miles (7:35)

Tuesday: 7 miles (6:57); 7.7 miles (7:12)

Wednesday: 5 miles (6:53); 12.6 miles with 4.15 mile tempo run and 2x1:00 with 2:00 rest.  Originally was planning on running a progression run down-and-back LSC and to the top of Bison Way but since I had to show off for some high school ROTC students and run 4:30 pace the first quarter mile, I decided to even out my pace and hang out at 4:50-4:55. Balanced splits were 4:51, 4:51, 4:54, 4:48, 42 (.15) with a 4:51 average. Felt really good at first but the third mile got a little bit tough and the fourth mile was tiring, with half of it up a slight climb.  At the end, I had to walk around for a minute or two before jogging to the track for a planned session of 4x400m with 400m jog at the 61-62 range.  The freaking track was closed, so I took it to the streets.  Was going to do 4x1:00 on, 1:00 off but my legs knew right away that it would be tough, so I changed it to 2x1:00 on, 2:00 off.  I ended up running just under 4:00 pace on these, despite it being on the bumpy section of the road, which makes it hard to get a smooth stride.  Fastest I've run a quarter mile since I split a 55 on the coaches relay in 2010.  The tempo was tougher than I expected at that pace but I was surprised with my speed on the minutes because I didn't feel like I was running that fast. 

Thursday: 8.7 miles (6:44); 6.8 miles (7:10ish)

Friday: 4 miles (6:44). I was going to get in 10ish here but I forgot about Indy being an hour ahead.  I was going to get another few miles in when I got there but I didn't get settled into the hotel until after 8:00.

Saturday: 27.2 miles with the Indianapolis Monumnetal Marathon in 2:26:34. I had to rabbit at 5:15 pace and had to be within 30s of 68:49 (halfway) and 1:45:00 (20 miles).  Took me a few miles to find my rhythm because the half-marathoners were drawing me out too fast.  Got locked into a good pace and was in front with four guys right behind me.  Pace felt incredibly smooth the entire way and I kept on trying to slow it down. Went through halfway in 68:40 and 20 in 1:44:47. At 20, there were two Kenyans with me and a couple Americans a little ways back.  I then decided to keep on going and run the final 10k as a long cool-down since money went five deep and no one else was in sight.  Had to stop for a four minute bathroom break, but the rest of the running was incredibly easy.  Great confidence booster. I definitely could have run sub 2:17 today, without a taper and without any marathon-specific work yet.

Sunday: 4.5 miles (7:13); 9.4 miles (6:56). No soreness or fatigue, except for my left hip flexor being a little tight.

Week Total: 108.7. Went from a rough to a great week.  My first five runs of the week were really rough because I was flat out exhausted from everything last weekend.  Started coming down with a cold on Thursday that is still lingering.  No body aches, just a sore neck and congestion.  I was shooting for higher volume than this but cut Tuesday's run short because of fatigue and got in 8-10 less than I wanted on Friday.  Hopefully I'll be ready for a tough session on Wednesday.  Got in 519.9 miles for the month of October, which is my first time ever over 500.

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