Monday, September 24, 2012

September 17th-23rd Training

Monday: 4.5 miles (6:54); 10.5 miles (7:04)

Tuesday: 6 miles (7:04); 1.6 miles (6:34). Plan was 1/2 mile warmup and then a 12 mile medium progression.  A little over a mile into it, my heel was killing me, so I stopped.

Wednesday: No Running

Thursday: No Running

Friday:  No Running

Saturday: No Running

Sunday: 3 miles (6:57); 6.3 miles (6:50)

Week Total= 31.9 miles.  My heel hurt on the 2nd run.  On the days off, I spent a lot of time massaging my calf/soleus.  When my issue first flared up, I found a killer knot underneath the bottom of my calf.  After using a rolling pin, lacrosse ball and PVC pipe on it, it loosened up a good bit.  As the week went on, it seemed to drop a couple down a couple of inches a day.  Yesterday, it was in between my calf muscle and heel.  I'm hoping the knot is the main thing causing my pain, so it gets wiped out.  I'm pretty certain the underlying cause is a muscle imbalance, so I HAVE to be consistent with my stretching and strength stuff.  My feet strike in different ways and on my hurt foot, I have pretty poor dorsiflexion, which could have played a role in the injury.  I also am wondering if running several miles on grass over the past week or two impacted anything.  The grass was really soft, with bad footing, so something could have become twisted, etc.  

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