Monday, September 24, 2012

Netflix Movie Monday

About six months ago, my wife and I dropped cable. With a kid, a mortgage and other things in life, we couldn't justify spending so much money on something that we didn't use a whole lot.  We ended up buying an antenna and a subscription to Hulu Plus.  The antenna works really well and we get a ton of channels in HD.  Hulu Plus is also great because they have all the season of a ton of shoes that I love and shows that I'm growing to love.

This summer, we also added Netflix. I haven't spent much time watching it because I wasn't as familar with the movies that they offered.  Lately, my summer running buddy, Vance Pounders and I have been sharing different movies, and I'm starting to find Netflix's movie collection is much better than I anticipated.

Each week, until I run out of movies or get bored typing this up, I'll share a different movie that I
feel is blog worthy.  I'll review some of the lesser known movies and as always, I'm always up for tips and suggestions. 

I decided to start with one of the best-worst movies I've ever seen.  I was scrolling through the Netflix selection Saturday night around 1am (well, technically, Sunday morning, I guess) and came upon Troll 2.  It's not associated with Troll or Troll 3 in any fashion at all.  The director named it that to make it sound more marketable. I plugged it into and saw that it was reviewed by critics at 0%.  I then Googled it and saw that the director spoke very little English, the film crew spoke no English, and the actors thought they were just going to be extras and had to wear their own clothes in the movie.  During one scene, the producer had to nail one of those actor's shoes to the ground (his own, purchased shoes).  Sounded like a winner to me!

The movie is about a family who visits a town called Nilbog (which is goblin, backwards).  The son's dead grandfather warns him about the town and tells him it's full of real-life trolls who turned people into plants and eat them.  Of course the boy is terrified and his family doesn't believe him.  I'll attack some pictures and the trailer, but if you want any more details, you'll have to watch the movie.  At least you can't say my selections get worse every week, because frankly, you can't get any worse than this pic.

I know what you are thinking, but no, that's not real CGI

How did he not win a Grammy?

And now for the trailer....

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