Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 2nd-8th Training

I lost my GPS charger until earlier this week.  So the entire week, I was watchless.  Not only was I watchless, but I forgot what I ran each day

So, as a somewhat rough estimate, I ran around 75 miles during the week.  It was nearly all easy running except for an attempted track workout.  I planned on doing 8-12x200m with 200m jog but it felt like I was running on a sheet of ice, with my legs going every which way.  After my first 200m, I ended it and went for an easy run.

I also ran a hilly 5k in a lazy 16:20 something.

And then I closed out the week with a 15.6 mile long run, followed by a three mile run later that day.

My quads were sore through Tuesday but were flat the rest of the week. May 2-7th 

This next week, I need to be less lazy.

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