Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April 25th-May 1st Training

Monday: 6.1 miles (7:10); 7.9 miles (6:57)

Tuesday: 8.7 miles (6:42); 6 miles (6:57)

Wednesday: 9.7 miles with 8x400m with 400m jog rest.
The plan was up to 12x400m with 200m jog, but my hip flexors were feeling tired and I knew 200m jog would be too little, especially with the marathon this weekend.  I felt like crap on the first few but loosened up by the end.  I probably could have done 10-12 without an issue but I wanted to play it safe. Ended up running: 66.9, 67.8, 66.8, 66.4, 66.2, 66.4, 65.8, 65.8.; 6.1 miles (6:58)

Thursday: 6 miles (7:09); 4.6 miles (8:22)

Friday: 6.1 miles (7:05)

Saturday: 27 miles with marathon in 2:25:42. Really didn't feel smooth on this one at all.  Legs felt flat at about halfway and while I felt much better the last 10k than I did last year, it was a much rustier day overall.  Maybe I could have run 2:22 or so, flat out?  I promise I'll have a full recap by the end of the week.

Sunday: 1.7 miles. Ran a few rounds with my kids at the Kids Rock Run.  Quads were insanely tight.

Week Total: 89.9 miles. The #1 goal was to win the marathon this weekend and I'm glad I was able to do that.  In a way, it was yet another lost week, 5k training wise and I'm sure I'll have dead legs for a few days next week.  Oh well.

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