Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Last Week's Training

Monday: 3.7 miles (7:22); 5.5 miles (7:29)

Tuesday: 6 miles on trails (7:53); 3 miles on the treadmill (7:22)

Wednesday: 8.5 miles (7:23)

Thursday: 8 miles (6:43)

Friday: 7.4 miles with 5k in 17:17.  Took a little bit of a wrong turn, which probably would be resulted in just under 17.  Ran the first downhill mile in  5:04, then two miles of lazy uphill running.

Saturday: 9 miles (7:11)

Sunday: 12.3 miles (6:41). Guess this counts as a long run. First run where I felt really good and smooth. 

Week Total:: 63.4 miles. Longest week since Chicago.  Definitely not impressive, but it's a step in the right direction.  Next week, I'll go for 75-80 with a little more intensity. 

I was also impressed with the amount of qualifiers in Jacksonville.  Richard Fannin is great for the sport and does it for the right reasons.  But hopefully it doesn't result in a bunch of new Go Fund me pages set up from dudes too lazy to put in some work or have a bake sale or something.

I also got less lazy and started logging my training on Running Ahead again.

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