Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 4th-10th Training

Monday: 10 miles (7:13)

Tuesday: 6.1 miles (7:05)

Wednesday: 8.5 miles with 4 mile steady loop in 22:47 (5:41 average). Felt really rusty on this one.  I could tell the pace was easy on my legs but my gas tank wasn't there to follow suite. I ran up the long, gradual 1km'ish hill at over 6:00 pace and my legs were struggling from Bulgarian split squats a couple of days prior.  Hopefully that means my "hill running" muscles will get stronger soon. Not terrible for my first loop out there and I hope to be up to three loops at sub 5:40 average by the end of February; 5.5 miles (7:09)

Thursday: No running.  First week of school is getting to me.  I'm still getting the same amount of nightly sleep, I'm just not getting my daily two hour nap.  Drained all day.

Friday: 4.5 miles (7:03)

Saturday: 9.8 miles with 8x.15 mile fast, .35 mile jog. Averaged 4:24 on the fast running but I could tell I'm still way, way out of shape.  I couldn't get a quick turnover and it felt like I was running on flat tires or something.  The last two had me huffing and puffing.

Sunday: 15.9 miles (6:42). Ran a pretty rolling route with three pretty nasty hills, with Spencer. Legs felt a little worn from yesterday and I was absolutely crawling up the hills.

Week Total: 60.3 miles.  Yeah, I was about 15ish miles lower than expected but it was a tough week back.  My two semi-quality days showed me that I can maybe get back into a rusty, but much more fit spot in six weeks or so.  This week, I really will be in the 80s.  Or else.


  1. Enjoyed this post! Do one about the women's race--I'm going to be watching them this weekend live and I'm psyched.

  2. Oops, wrong post--meant to put this on your Trials predictor one.