Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 14th-20th Training

Monday: 6.1 miles (7:12); 4.7 miles (8:16) at cross country and then 5.5 miles (7:14)

Tuesday: 11 miles (6:35); 6.1 miles with 6xhill blasts(7:14)

Wednesday: 12.6 miles with 4x2k 2:00 jog, 1k, 3:00 jog. The fastest I was allowed to run was 72-73 per lap on the 2ks and 70-71 on the 1ks.  I ended up running (6:00, 2:55), (6:00, 2:55), (5:59, 2:56), (5:59, 2:55). These weren't too bad at all and they all felt about the same, effort-wise.  After the first two sets, the high school cheerleaders came out for what appears to be their daily 6am two-mile time-trial while their coach walked around the track yelling at them to go faster.  I had to run in lane 2-3 sometimes, so that cost me a little bit of time.  Not a bad workout; 6.8 miles (7:22)

Thursday: 12 miles (6:34);  5 miles (7:12)

Friday: 5.4 miles (7:22); 2 miles (8:29)

Saturday: 9.8 miles (6:49); 5.2 miles with 10xstrides (7:24)

Sunday: 22.7 miles with 5x5k with 1k jog recovery.  I was nervous for this one, especially coming off about 5.5 hours of sleep.  The plan was to work from 5:10-5:05 pace on the 5ks and run 5:50-6:00 pace on the 1ks.  I ended up running: 15:58, 3:32, 15:53, 3:32, 15:51, 3:39, 15:44, 3:40, 15:42, 3:32 to average 5:12 pace for the 30k, 5:05 pace on the 5ks and 5:46 pace on the 1ks.

1st one: tried to not think about anything and just run.  Felt really smooth and didn't even feel like I needed a break (other than the fast pee break on the recovery jog).

2nd one: still easy and slowly started focusing on the pace.  Took a gel and about 8 oz. of water during the break.

3rd one: I caught myself running close to 5:05 pace a few times, so I tried to slow it down since 5x5k is a lot of running.

4th one: started to get a little bit tired and while I wanted to run 5:05ish, I didn't want to be dead for the last one.  The wind started picking up some, which resulted in my running about 10s a mile faster with the tailwind than the headwind.  Took gel #2.

5th one: started getting more tired and had to focus the last 1k to stay at a 5:05 average. I debated running the recovery jog faster since it was the end of my workout but I didn't want to be a chump and kept the normal recovery pace, even though it was still pretty tough.

Solid all around workout and it made me finally believe I have a shot at sub 2:15.  I ran slightly slower than two weeks before Houston in 2014  but it was perfect weather and I ran with Connor Kamm, opposed to being solo and 65/55 dp (which wasn't bad at all).; 5 miles (7:35)

Week Total: 119.9 miles. So close to 120 but this was a very productive week overall, with nearly 28 miles on Sunday.  I'm really looking forward to taper time and I have one more big marathon workout this weekend, which is going to be tough. September 14-20


  1. Crazy how similar those two workouts were, both with only 5ish hours of sleep the night before. I'd say they're equivalent in impressiveness: This one was slightly slower but more volume, the rest jogs were faster, and you progressed on each 5k instead of just staying steady. Really looking forward to seeing how you do in Chicago. Best of luck!

    1. I think this one was more impressive because of the length, but last time, I recovered much more quickly the days after and felt a lot more fast overall.

      This time, I don't feel as complete and am on thinner ice but peaking at the right time.