Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 31st-September 1st Training

Monday: 6.3 miles (7:22); 4.2 miles (8:30); 6.3 miles (6:54)

Tuesday: 8 miles (6:46); 7 miles with 8xhill blasts (7:16)

Wednesday: 10.3 miles with 2x200m, 1600m, 3200m, 4x400m with 800 jog after the 1600 and 3200 and 1:00 jog after the fours. The goals were 31, 4:25-4:30, 9:50 and 67.  I ended up running 31, 32, 4:32, 9:45 and 66, 64, 64, 65.  I was a little slow on the 1600m but man, it's hard to get moving in the early morning.  First lap was a 68 and it felt like a sprint.  The 3200m was easy, as were the 400s.  5.7 miles (7:18)

Thursday: 12 miles (6:28)

Friday: 8.2 miles with 8x30s fast, 2:30 easy. Goal was to get rolling a bit while staying smooth.  Averaged 4:12 pace on the pick-ups; 2 miles (8:16); 4.2 miles (7:31)

Saturday: 7 miles (7:18)

Sunday: 7.7 miles with strides (7:20)

Week Total: 88.9 miles. Planned down week and it felt good to mentally relax a little bit and freshen up the legs.  I have some sinus issues going on so hopefully it doesn't effect me in the morning at New Haven.  The weather is looking a little hot and humid, which should be better suited towards a guy like me, opposed to the altitude guys.  So the plan is to go out patiently and move up throughout the race…sort of like the Chicago Half, except I don't drop out.

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