Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 22nd-28th Training

Monday: 8.6 miles (6:31); 1.1 miles (8:40); 6.3 miles (7:12)

Tuesday: 6.8 miles (7:16); 1.9 miles (7:00). I was going to do a light fartlek and when I got started, it was 94 degrees with an insanely high 79 dew point.  After being soaked with sweat a couple of minutes in, I decided getting in 10+ miles wasn't smart, so I was going to try again in the evening. The only thing that happened then were storms.

Wednesday: 10.7 miles (6:26); 6.3 miles with 3xhill blasts(7:24)

Thursday: 13.6 miles with 5x1600m with 3:00 jog rest.  73 dewpoint for this one, and my shoes and socks were drenched with sweat. Ran: 4:47, 4:45, 4:43, 4:42, 4:46. 1st=rusty and not very smooth. 2nd=easy. 3rd=easier. 4th=easy but a little tough the last 300m or so. 5th=wheezing pretty badly the last 400m; 5.4 miles (7:42)

Friday: 10.6 hilly miles (6:36); 5.4 miles (7:26)

Saturday: 6.7 miles (7:45); 8 miles (6:56)

Sunday: 20 miles with 5 mile fast finish (6:11). Started out feeling like crap and it took me a while before I loosened up.  Was a little under 6:30 pace at the start of the fast finish and averaged 5:13 for the fast miles.  Felt pretty smooth aerobically, except for the last few minutes because I was getting pretty dehydrated with 1.5 miles to go.  Even had a little bit of a headwind for most of it. Nice run.

Week Total: 111.4 miles. Good week overall, even with a missed run.  My workout was solid and I was mostly pleased with my fast finish long run.  I'm jumping into a four mile race this weekend when I visit some of my family in South Carolina, so the volume will be a little lower than last week. Fitness is starting to come around and with 4-5 weeks of consistency, I feel like I'll be pretty fit.

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