Monday, March 16, 2015

March 9th-15th Training

Monday: 4.6 miles (6:57); 5.5 miles (8:12)

Tuesday: No running. Have run the last seven days and want to play it safe

Wednesday: 10.1 miles with 8 miles moderate. Averaged 5:48 for the moderate part. This was my longest run in almost a month and when you go from doing your last consistent training in low temperatures to upper 50s, it feels pretty hot.  The pace felt slow but the effort was ok....I could tell I'm really rusty and out of shape.  I didn't try to run a certain pace, I just ran.

Thursday: No running. Went to bed before 6pm last night with a killer migraine and didn't get out of bed until after 10am the next morning.  Since I was getting sick all night, I figured it'd be dumb to jog. See what happens when you try a moderate session after a few weeks off?

Friday: 5.3 miles (6:47); 7 treadmill miles (6:30ish)

Saturday: 8 miles with 4xpick-ups (6:41)

Sunday: 15.5 miles with half-marathon in 72:40. I knew I was dumb for trying this a little over a week removed from a bum hammy but kids are expensive. My goal was to run as moderately as possible with hopes of top three.  I ran with the top two guys for almost five miles and we were clicking off 5:10s over rolling hills.  It felt rusty from the first mile and I knew if I ran all-out, I'd probably get third or I could slow down and get third.  I decided to put on the brakes and ran in the 5:40 range the rest of the way to seal third by a little over thirty seconds.  Quads were really achy afterward so I didn't even attempt a cool-down. Granted, I didn't run very hard but I wish that kind of effort would have felt a little easier.

Week Total: 56 miles. Not a bad week after the four weeks before this.  I was hoping to get between 50-60 miles and with two days off, it has to be considered a decent week.  I figure my body will be in a lag for another couple of weeks as it tries to recover from and adapt to the training.  This week, I'll boost up the mileage some more and jump in a 5k this weekend. In 3-4 weeks, I should be rolling pretty well. At least the hamstring is 100%

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