Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 20-26 Training

Monday: 8 miles (6:35); 6.3 miles (7:16)

Tuesday: 8.4 miles (6:42); 6.8 miles (6:57)

Wednesday: 9.5 miles (6:33); 3.1 miles (7:22)

Thursday: 9.4 miles (6:08). Weird run.  I was going to run nine miles around 5:40ish pace but the road is out-and-back, it was really windy and my legs weren't having it, so after a little over a mile into the moderate part, I decided to just jog.  And since I was pushed for time, I cut it from 10.2 to 8.7 (furthest I could run and be on time).  But I wasn't paying attention and ran down until 4.7 miles, which meant I had to make up over 1000m, so that meant 6:00ish pace.  I started pushing some and was running sub 5:50s and making up time.  But a little under two miles to go, I noticed one of the male boxers of some breeder/puppy mill was out of his cage and staring me down in the middle of the road.  I stopped and looked for ammo but could only find small rocks.  Then the running gods blessed me as I saw a four foot metal chain with a stake attached at the end right by my feet, as well as a square piece of wood that could be a good gladiator shield. I picked up the chain and was doing my best swing and staring the guy down as I prepared for battle.  Eventually he backed down/pitied me and went back to his yard. Before you call PETA, I've stopped my car a few times in the past so I could get out and carry a turtle across the street and a couple of months ago, was even bit by a snake while trying to help him cross the street. But I made it back to school on time, averaged low 5:40s for the 4.7 miles of running and felt ok; 6.8 miles (6:55)

Friday: 7.5 miles (7:00ish); 7 miles (7:15ish)

Saturday: 10.3 miles with four mile race in 21:02.  Ran a low key race and tried to average 5:15 pace.  Felt good.; 5.4 miles (7:05)

Sunday: 20 miles (6:17). Best long run since Houston.  It was effortless and I had to slow down as I wanted to cap it at around a 6:20 average.  Super foggy the entire time and you literally couldn't see 100m ahead of you.  It looked like the setting of The Mist and I either heard one of the Mist monsters or a cow having a baby/being slaughtered/having a seizure. Great ending but it still bothers me.  What a difference a minute makes.

Week Total: 108.5 miles. Decent week I guess considering it had no intensity really.  But I'm in a weird base phase right now, so it's no big deal.  This weekend, I'm being an idiot and rabbiting the 2:18 group at the Indy Monumental Marathon for 30k.  If the weather is good, the first 13.1 miles should be easy at the prescribed 5:15 pace.  Maybe it will get tough the last 5k or so but I will run as hard as I need to in order to run the pace.  Hopefully it's not flat out!

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  1. You'll be good for 30K... maybe just not as easy as last year! :-)

    Good luck.