Monday, March 24, 2014

March 17-23 Training

Monday: 4 miles (6:39); Planned on doing 11 or so in the afternoon but started feeling sick and after a six hour nap, woke up with a 102 fever and flu-like symptoms. Guess the lack of sleep finally caught up to me.

Tuesday: No running. Still sick

Wednesday: 5 miles (6:27); 10.2 miles (6:30)

Thursday: 10.1 miles with attempted workout. Planned on doing 10x2:00 on/off and after almost two minutes at 5:00 pace, I axed it because I was dying.  Hopefully I get my mojo back; 6.3 miles (6:37)

Friday: 5.6 miles (6:34); 4.1 miles (7:01)

Saturday: 8.8 miles with 5k race in 14:57. Man, this was tough.  Second mile marker would have been 9:35ish and I was really hurting at that point.  Backed off some the last half mile but doubt I could have run much under 14:45, all-out; 6.3 miles (7:04)

Sunday: 20 miles (6:09). Felt good from the start, despite really strong winds. 6:10 average at halfway, got up to a 6:13 average over the next few miles because of some massive headwind and with the wind at my back, started running 5:50s to get down to 6:07.  Started getting really thirsty at 17 or so and slowed down about 30s a mile the last two miles. I found a hose at the end of someones yard, but the jerk had the water turned off.  Probably would have been 6:05ish with some fluid, so a decent run.

Week Total: 80.4 miles. Pretty similar to last workout during the week with a race on the weekend.  I'll end up running Cherry Blossom if I get my running legs back this week.  If I'm still struggling, I don't want to get whooped in front of Obama.  Also have some old man aches going on.  There's something going on deep in my right glute that is really painful for the first few minutes of each run.  I also have a really tender spot on the outside-top of my femur. I'm sure those are related some how. And I can't forget the tendonitis in my left foot and feel a ton of creaking when I move my toes. Hopefully this week, I'll get back into triple digits with a couple hard workouts and a long run.


  1. I'm new to following your blog, but I'm curious: when you say you do 8.8 miles with a 5k in between, do you just continue running after the race is over, or do you have a long break after the run, collect your award, then run home or something?

  2. About 40 minutes before a race, I'll warm-up for about three miles, then change my shoes, do a couple drills and about 10 minutes before the race, do a couple light sprints. After the race, I'll cool down for 2-3 miles, depending on how lazy I'm feeling or how good the post-race food is.

  3. You looked like you were walking across the finish line in the picture I saw on Facebook.