Monday, August 26, 2013

August 19th-25th Training

Monday: 3.2 miles (7:23). Planned on 8ish but felt really drained; 5.6 miles (7:18)

Tuesday: 4.6 miles (6:40); 10.6 miles (6:52)

Wednesday: 8 miles (6:49). Planned on a light workout but felt really weak; 8.8 miles with 8x100y strides and 6 miles of .15 on/.35 off. Averaged 6:21 for the six miles with the fast portions ranging from 3:50-4:28 pace and 4:11 average.  Had to slow down on a couple of the fast portions. On one of them, I was quickly sneaking up on a girl on the greenway. I figured it would freak her out if I flew by her at a little over 4:00 pace, especially since she had on headphones, it was pretty secluded and it was getting dark, so I put on the brakes a bit for the last 10s or so.  On another one, I had to jump on the side of the road a few times because of an oncoming car, and the side of the road was made up of small, sharp gravel so the strides were more of a tap-dance than run.  But overall, I was really pleased with this workout because I wasn't expecting much. Felt in control the whole time.

Thursday: 5.5 miles (7:06); Skipped second run.  Super busy day and I only had time to either do my planned 9.6 mile route or mow the lawn.  Unfortunately, I mowed the lawn. Thanks HOA.

Friday: 8 miles (6:57); 9.2 mile bombed workout.  The plan was to run the four mile loop at around 5:05 average and then do a few hills.  Hit the first mile in a rusty feeling 5:01 and went through the second in 5:05.  Normally, I find my sweet spot in the second mile of a tempo run, but it was quickly becoming progressively worse.  My legs were dead, I had trouble breathing and after a bug flew in my eye at 2.10 miles, I called it a workout.  Normally I'm frustrated when I stop a workout but I was pissed about this one and through a fit more worthy for Curb Your Enthusiasm than Seinfeld.

Saturday: 9.6 miles (6:41); 5.5 miles (7:32)

Sunday: 18.3 miles with 12 miles long fast run.  Did 3x4 mile loop and was hoping to maybe average in the high 5:30s.  Ended up at 5:38 average with splits of 22:36, 22:20, 22:08 with a .13 hard finish at the end of the 3rd loop to finish up at 12.  First loop felt a little rusty, second loop was pretty easy and on the third loop, I tried to stay strong on the uphills. Decent session I guess with temps in the low-mid 70s and dew point in the mid-upper 60s.. Since the Station Camp vs. Beech game was coming on ESPN2, there were people already tailgating at 7:00am.  I was wearing my shortest pair of shorts and never once get mocked, despite running past tons of high schoolers, several times. Guess my street cred is going up; Skipped second run. Was planning on 3.4 but got a bad headache later in the day. Dehydration I guess.

Week Total= 96.9 miles.  Overall, another garbage week, thanks to the lingering virus I had.  Looking back, I should have slowed my Friday pace to 5:10s because of my sickness and the heat. But in my mind, 5:10 pace sounded so slow and since I would love to run my next marathon at 5:05-5:10 pace, I felt 5:05 was on the slow end.  But what I really should have done was an easier progression run on Friday and then if I felt better on Sunday, done a fast finish long run or something.  At least Sunday's session went well and in another two weeks, I'll try to add another four mile loop.

This week is going to be another tough week, time-wise. If Mary doesn't have the baby by Wednesday, she's getting induced.  I'll be at the hospital for a couple of days, but I should be able to sneak out a couple times a day for some runs.

Right now, I feel like I'm a little behind schedule. According to my plan, I should have had two really hard weeks the past two weeks, rather than two bad ones.  I think I'll have to extend my speed phase at least a week, if not two because I don't think I'll be where I want in six weeks.  Guess I just have to hang on and find out.

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