Monday, August 19, 2013

August 12th-18th Training

Monday: 7 miles (7:07); 8.3 miles (7:18)

Tuesday: 6 miles (7:28); 10 miles with drills, 8xfootball field strides, 4xhill blasts

Wednesday: 7 miles (7:03); 5.9 miles with stopped workout.  Was planning on heading to the ghetto soccer fields (bumpy with high grass) to do some drills, strides and 12-15x1:00 on/off.  The field was flooded in a lot of spots, so I was headed to SCHS track to run some 400s. They were cutting the football fields, so I did strides back and forth on the track.  Since the idiot landscapers parked their cars on the track, I was going to do the 400s in lane four.  The first car was parked in lanes 1-3 and after making it to the second truck, it was parked in lanes 4-6 (six lane track) so I had to swerve into the inner lanes.  I took that as the track gods telling me to get off the track.  I was going to finish it as a minute on/off on Bison Way but 30s into it, my legs were shot.  I cooled down just under 8:00 pace, so I took that as a sign that my body was pretty tired.  I'll try something tomorrow.

Thursday: 10.6 miles with a bombed workout. Plan was a 10x3:00 on/1:00 off, hopefully averaging under 5:00 pace.  The goal was to ease into it and push the final three a little bit.  That's exactly what happened, but I only did six and stayed the same pace.  Towards the middle of the workout, I wasn't able to recover very well and quickly got out of breath on the intervals.  Since Monday, I've felt like allergies are starting to big me or that I'm getting sick; No second run. Starting to get super congested and feeling run-down.

Friday: .40 miles (7:39). Yes, I'm counting this. I'm supposed to run ten miles with Connor Kamm this afternoon and I felt pretty weak, so I ended it; No second run Felt too weak to run so I decided to eat Mexican with Connor instead of running with him. No complaints.

Saturday: No running. Felt like crap all-day.

Sunday: No running.  Felt like crap again.  I wanted to run but I had to granny walk between the free sample tables at Sam's, so I knew I wouldn't be ready for a granny jog.

Week Total: 55.2 miles. Bummer. I was hoping for the session of "minutes" with a four mile tempo run, combined with a couple .3 mile hill repeats at the end and a long run with 12 miles of it at 5:30ish pace. I was also on pace to run over 500 miles in a month, which I've never done before.  Hopefully I'll progress back to normal training by the second half of the week. 

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