Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 7th-13th Training

Monday: 8.2 miles (7:31); 5.6 miles (7:24)

Tuesday: 8.5 miles bombed workout (6:43). My plan was 10x3:00 steady with 1:00 easy jog, starting at 5:00ish pace and working down to 4:50ish pace.  I ran the first one at 5:05 average and I felt really flat. Since this a session around half-marathon pace, I wanted to be able to hit my times, so I delayed it until tomorrow; 6.3 miles (7:19)

Wednesday: 5 miles (6:40ish); 11.6 miles with 10x1k at 3:05ish with 1:00 jog with seven 3:04s, a 3:05, a 3:03 and a 3:01. I ran this after the track meet with Connor Kamm, which made it a ton easier. We alternated running in lane 1 or 2 and even though I felt like crap at first, this was a really relaxing session and it felt like I could have been out there all day. Glad to have Conner out there.

Thursday: 8.5 miles (6:40); 6.5 miles (7:03)

Friday: 4 miles (6:57); 7.5 miles easy with 6xhill blasts.  I felt a lot stronger than last time on these sprints.

Saturday: 9.3 miles with 5k race in 15:01. My plan was to run just under 15:00, while keeping it around 10k effort. The race course wasn't ready, so we ran on the St. Jude's Row course, which is uphill for the first mile, equally up-and-down for the second and downhill for the third.  I was alone after a couple of hundred meters and ran splits of 5:05, 4:48 and 4:35. Effort felt good and I really enjoyed this course. I felt like I could have run under 14:30 here with some company and with a race effort.; 4.5 miles (7:36)

Sunday: 20.1 miles (6:18). Ran this later in the afternoon and felt really good. It rained the last seven miles, which made it easier because it was really humid before that. I figure I usually feel better on afternoon long runs, opposed to morning ones because I have a lot of carbohydrates in my body, while in the morning, I run on an empty stomach (not counting a cup of coffee).

Week Total= 105.6 miles. Solid week. With how I felt the first two days of the week, I was expecting to struggle but I got in two good sessions, as well as a good long run.  Next week will probably be another hard week.

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