Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 14-20th Training

Monday: 8 miles (7:01); 6 miles (7:31)

Tuesday: 10 mile medium progression (5:44). My goal was four miles, three miles and three miles, averaging 6:10, 5:45, 5:20 . Ended up averaging 6:05, 5:44 and 5:16. Best I've felt on a progression run this season.  Everything was nice and smooth.; 7.1 miles (7:29)

Wednesday: 4.6 miles (7:00ish); 9.4 miles (6:59)

Thursday: 4.6 miles (6:50ih); 11.8 miles.  My plan was two miles in 9:40, 4:00 jog, 1 mile in 4:30, 3:00 jog and then 8x400m with 1:00 jog.  I felt really flat on the first two intervals with times of 9:38 and 4:32.  I was expecting to start hurting pretty early on during the 400s, but I ended up doing 10, with a 63 average and the 10th felt as easy as the first.  I'll take this as a sign that my speed is getting a lot better.

Friday: 5 miles (6:55); 9.2 miles (7:30)

Saturday: 8.5 miles (7:11); 4.5 miles with strides (7:22)

Sunday: 8.2 miles. Bombed workout. My plan was to get in 20 with 16 at around 5:45 average.  My legs were pretty beat up on Friday and Saturday and I decided to end the workout after six miles at 5:51 pace.  It was frustrating because I haven't gotten in any longer, steadier sessions but it's to late to try and keep my head above the water.  If I'm too worn out on a workout day, I need to end the workout. 9.6 miles (7:04)

Week Total= 106.5 miles. The week didn't go as planned but I was happy with how strong I felt on Tuesday and with my Thursday session.  I thought I would be able to recover faster than I did but I guess it shows my aerobic system is stronger than my muscular system.

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