Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 4th-10th Training

Monday: 9 miles (6:42); 6.3 miles (7:43)

Tuesday: 10.1 miles with 8.5 mile medium progression. Goal was three miles each at 6:20, 5:55, 5:30.  I did this two weeks ago but since it was sunny and mid 140s, I thought it would be a little tougher.  Ended up going 18:31 (6:08, 6:15, 6:08), 17:40 (5:54, 5:50, 5:56) and 13:55 (5:31, 5:35, 2:49).  First section was insanely easy, which I had on this out-and-back route because it means a headwind on the way back. Shortly before the turnaround, a couple of dogs came out barking.  Now, I've spent the last six years battling the dogs on this route and feel like I finally established myself as the alpha on the road.  But these were a couple of new dogs on the black and haven't learned yet.  I gave them some confidence and kept on slowly running away and after a few seconds, I went turned around and went kamikaze on them and came out with a TKO victory.  After the turnaround, I noticed the not so nice headwind, which made things difficult, especially up the gradual uphills.  Last section was tough from the get-go and I was hurting and dying on the hills after two miles.  I called it at 2.5, because my legs were crapping out and I figured I got enough stimulus on the run; Skipped second run. Felt like crap the rest of the day...stomach pains, nauseous, etc.

Wednesday: 8 miles (6:41); 9.1 miles (6:50). 33 years old.  32 was a terrible running year, hopefully 33 will be better.

Thursday: 9.4 miles (6:50ish); 8.1 miles (7:17).  Ran on the treadmill since it was storming outside.  First time in a few years and I absolutely hate them.

Friday: 8 miles (7:12). Same effort and route as two days ago but much slower.  Legs were wobbly with no tension and I was struggling the entire way.  I blame the stupid treadmill; 7.7 miles (7:11)

Saturday: 10.2 miles with 3.91 miles of 1:00 on/90s off. Ran to the main road and back, which gave me 10 "fast" sections and nine slow ones, with the addition of one second on a 10th. Averaged 6:01 pace for the whole thing and 4:44 pace on the fast ones.  Normally, I'd run 20x1:00 on/off at a much faster pace but being it was my first structured speed workout in five months and really hot, I'll take it.  I was happy my legs felt fast for once...not speed wise but they felt ready to work; Skipped run. It was storming again and I didn't to mess with that treadmill again.

Sunday: 20 miles (6:24). Swampiest run of the year and it was the first long run this year where I was slinging sweat out of my shoes with every stride.  Was going to do my normal route but when I started the second loop, it looked like there were rain clouds covering the entire back section.  Since I didn't have future meteorologist, Tyler McCandless with me, I decided they looked enough like rain clouds to me, so I turned around and did the Boomer Route again.  The good thing about that route is that when you're running easily and are fresh, you really open up on the downhills and aren't tired enough to struggle on the uphills.  But the bad thing about it is that it will kick your butt the second time (or if you run fast).  I struggled on the hills, as expected but felt really good besides that.  And at the end of the run, I didn't have my normal post-long run fatigue; 3.1 miles (7:31)

Week Total: 109 miles.  Not a bad week with a couple of skipped runs.  I'm still way-way out of shape but am slowly returning.  I may try to ramp it up a little more this week.

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