Monday, August 6, 2012

July 30th-August 4th Training

Monday: 9 miles (7:15ish); 5.6 miles (7:32)

Tuesday: 12.9 miles with 10 miles of 1/2 mile fast, 1/2 mile moderate.  My plan was to run the fast part at 5:20 pace and the moderate part at 5:40 pace.  I was running both of them pretty well for a while but had to slow down the moderate pace towards the end of the workout.  At this stage of my training, my focus is moreso on getting faster over the shorter stuff, rather than working on my marathon gas tank.  I struggled a bit on the last two fast intervals and finished in 55:01 with a 5:13/5:46 average; 4.5 miles (7:27)

Wednesday: 8.3 miles (7:14); 5.8 miles  (7:19)

Thursday: 9.6 miles with 10x45s pick-up every half mile.(6:50)  I felt like I was running these sub 5:00 pace but they were over 5:10.  My recovery isn't very strong yet; 5.4 miles (7:11)

Friday: 7 miles (7:07); 3 miles (7:09)

Saturday: 16.9 miles with Trail Half-Marathon in 1:26:09.  Wanted to run this steady, but controlled...probably somewhere around 5:40 flat road effort.  The first six miles or so was a wood chip trail that sucked all of my energy out.  I went out way too hard, so I backed off a few miles in and tried to keep it cool, even though the uphills were whooping me.  The rest of the race was on a hard packed trail that I started rolling on before backing off and coasting the last few miles.  Finished feeling relaxed aerobically, except my right IT band was jacked up and my quads and butt were really tired.  Stopped at every water stop for a few seconds so I could down some water. Overall, the effort was what I wanted, but it was too imbalanced with faster running early on and slower running late in the race.  Rock Creek puts on a good race.

Sunday: 8 miles (6:55); 5 miles (7:20)

Week Total= 101 miles. Good workout on Tuesday and a strong effort on Saturday, so I'll take it.  Trail racing is definitely a different ballgame and not one that I yet prefer.  This was my fifth consecutive 100+ mile week and I need to ramp it up higher.  I plan on starting my specific phase in 4-5 weeks, so I need to be more structured with the planning of my workouts.  Since I'm still pretty rusty, I've had to wing-it some because I'm not yet at a point where I can predict how my body will respond and adapt. A higher volume of faster work is in order, along with a solid long workout or two.


  1. Mt.Mist is calling your name - Riddle vs. Wietecha...

  2. I've been fortunate enough to never have to pee in a race before. On my long runs, I always take 2-3 pit stops, but it's never happened in a marathon before. If I raced Riddle at Mt. Mist, I'd have to try and build around a mile lead in the first 20 miles, before the really technical part begins. Racing over 30 miles, while running over boulders with the fear of Riddle chasing me down would probably be enough of a stimulus to make me wet myself.

    But right now, I'm focused on racing a fast marathon in the fall and then surprising some people at Boston. Mt. Mist doesn't really fit into those plans but maybe Riddle and I will do battle one day.